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SkyWriter® is a web-based authoring and publishing system designed for use by engineers and technical writers.

No Out-of-Box Customization
That's right. There's no box, no customization, no configuration set-up requirements, no SGML tagging knowledge required. All you need is a short training course and a log-in. Just imagine that!

Compliant to ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D Requirements
With SkyWriter®, you can begin creating iSpec 2200 and S1000D standardized technical publications for fast delivery to your customers. This web-based, SaaS solution enables you to create indexed, hyper-linked print and electronic deliverables on-the-fly.

Full Implementation of ATA Concepts
The Air Transport Association has stated, "Through the use of standardized data formats, variations in how information is described can be significantly reduced." SkyWriter® allows you to automatically prepare a fully compliant ATA package of deliverable files, including graphics.

Eliminates the Need for any SGML/XML Knowledge
When using other commercially available editors, the writer must be proficient in SGML concepts, rules, tagging, etc. One of the many benefits of using SkyWriter® is that SGML is generated automatically; no user knowledge of tagging is necessary.

Uses Data "Pools" of Pre-Defined Information to Manage Writing Tasks
With Data Pools, writers store content based upon categorizations. Once stored, this content can be retrieved and incorporated into documents where appropriate.

Fully Integrated Project Management and Collaboration Tools
As part of the SkyWriter® technical publications suite, we have incorporated a function specifically designed to provide managers with the ability to review detailed reporting of their documentation projects. This tool, iWiN™ (I Want, I Need), allows clients to review various requirements for project completion, track the status of their team's outstanding tasks, and collaborate with team members, resulting in on-the-spot communications.

Additional Benefits of using SkyWriter® include:

  • Automatic generation of revision "highlights" page
  • Automatic creation of all front matter pages
  • Internal BITE quality checks, problem reporting, and fault-remedy solutions
  • Secure, global access via the Internet
  • Provides customizable management-level reports
  • Eliminates formatting tasks
  • Intelligent Effectivity controls