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What is SkyWriter®?
SkyWriter® Features

Can I export data or publish from SkyWriter®?
Yes. At any time, you can publish your document/manual to PDF, SGML, or XML formats.

How do I access SkyWriter®?
Users access SkyWriter® from any PC connected to the Internet. Users login with a username and password.

How does SkyWriter save us time?
You have the ability to create templates, perform Quality Assurance (QA) checks, and automatically generate SGML . These and other advanced features will improve your efficiency.

Must all Quality Assurance (QA) checks be completed before publishing?
No, but preferably they should. The PDF will be produced even without a QA check.

Why is using SkyWriter® more productive?
SkyWriter® is available via the Internet. It is accessed from any PC connected to the Internet anywhere in the world. No installation or updates are required. SkyWriter gives you a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing interface. SkyWriter can be tailored to any additional business rules or style guides. Training or experience in DTD element structure, SGML tagging, or associated attributes is not needed to produce technical documents. Writers are able to focus strictly on content creation, which greatly enhances their productivity.

What are the system requirements for SkyWriter®?
SkyWriter® Technical Info

I want to learn more about SkyWriter®. Who do I contact?
Contact, Request Information

Is my data secure in SkyWriter®?
Yes. All data transmissions from the client browser to our servers is encoded using SSL. All user account passwords are stored using encryption technology.

DR System
The Document Request (DR) system allows users to easily submit, track, and search for DRs through the user-friendly interface.

Support Response portal
The Support Response portal (named iWish) keeps track of each customer issue. iWish ensures that all support requests are routed to the correct customer service representative, tracked, and quickly resolved.

How do I access iWin and iWish?
You may access the sites by visiting http://support.prototypeindustries.com/ (We recommend that you add this link to your Favorite or mark it a desktop shortcut)

What happens to my current User account?
You may use your current credentials to gain access.

What if I have more questions?
Please use the iWish support site for additional question.
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