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  • S1000D overview:
    In 1986, the European Association of Aerospace Industries released the S1000D technical standard for use in the commercial aviation industry. At the time of its release, it was considered the first joint effort between the United States and Europe in working to develop a standardized specification.
  • One major characteristic that defines the S1000D spec is its emphasis on basic principles of data re-use. A data module or component contains different information types including descriptive, procedural, and fault diagnosis for equipment maintenance or rules for managing a project. S1000D defines a CSDB (Common Source Database) for managing those data modules and graphics.
  • Technical publications are a collection of these data modules, categorized under general headings. By utilizing this modular approach content is efficiently reused, managed, and delivered to the customer.
  •   Type I Type II
       Class 0  Class I, II, III  Class IV Class V 
    Media Format Paper Electronic Technical Manual Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) Includes Class IV IETM media format, but adds Electronic Infrastructure
    Presentation Multiple Volumes Electronic Emulation of Paper Manual Fully Interactive IETM IETM is linked to Maintenance Systems
    Integration No enhanced integration or linking features Optional incorporation of automatic page turner and/or hyperlink functionality Designed to automatically guide maintenance personnel through troubleshooting processes Utilizes Intrusive Diagnostics Systems
  • Our Participation:
  • As current members of the ATA, our personnel are members of the CAWG committee. The purpose of CAWG is to integrate the ATA iSpec2000 with the S1000D standard. Our objective is to maintain the SkyWriter® suite to meet compliance of the S1000D and ATA when the new standard is released.
  • Details regarding the S1000D specification can be found at the official website.