About OmegaBlue, Inc.
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Located in Santa Monica, California, OmegaBlue was formed in 2003 by a group of technical writers and engineers who realized that there was a much more efficient way to produce accurate technical publications.

Capitalizing on the many innovations that have arisen in software application development, their goal was to design an intelligent authoring solution which eliminated guesswork, standardized processes, and allowed team members to better collaborate in the manual generation process.

What was born out of their vision was not only a company, but what would become a multi-patented software solution, SkyWriter® - the application which has helped revolutionize the technical publications industry.

SkyWriter® has become a proven success, establishing the foundation which demonstrates that OmegaBlue strives to be the best and committing ourselves to offering first-class service.

The stafff is available to support our clientele in the use of the SkyWriter® publishing suite. Senior staff members welcome the opportunity to discuss and provide training regarding all aspects of technical publications.